When talking about latex, most people tend to associate it with a fetish or a kink. It’s something for the bedroom or your sex dungeon.
Well, you might’ve noticed by now, I myself am into latex but I do not have a fetish or a kink for it. I’m in love with the fabric itself!

Before diving into my mission, let me take you back a bit:
The origins of latex clothes are a bit vague but the first latex condom was produced back in 1855! Throughout the 1960’s latex and rubber became more widely available as bodyshaping corsets. Around the 1980’s latex and rubber clothing had an increase in popularity. Especially among the fetish community. Why and how, I can’t tell you, but I’m almost certain it has to do with the tightness and ‘second-skin-feel’ the latex offers.
Nowadays, you can even open a magazine like Vogue or Elle and see latex clothes being represented in editorials.
Big artists as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande can even be found on stage wearing latex outfits!

When I decided to create an instagram page last year, focusing only on leather and latex modelling (@dragica.obscurity), most followers back then tend to view me as either a dominatrix or a latex fetishist. While I am neither of those.
While my page slowly grew bigger, I had more people reaching out to me about the fashion side of latex and how much they loved a different view.
I already knew about the features latex can offer as a fashion item and even did a dutch spoken video about it with photographer Ferry Knijn. His vision about latex is exactly the same as mine: It’s classic, elegant and stylish.
Thanks to him, I even got inspired to shoot my own latex selfportraits which gives me even more options of bringing latex out to the world. A world that is ready for a different view on latex and is eagerly waiting!

My mission:
I want to break this association with sex and fetish latex carries. I know I can never undo it, but I can try to generalize it for as much as I can.

I know I’m not alone. There are plenty of models, latex designers and enthusiasts out there who aim for the same thing. And yes, sometimes I’d like to model on the edge, because I simply like to show the empowering side of latex too. How can you blame me?
But I always try to model latex in a fashion way and show off the amazing features of elegance.

For this reason, I welcome talented photographers and latex designers to collaborate with me. So be sure to send me a message through booking if you want to work together and get latex into fashion!

As I said earlier on: I also shoot latex selfportraits (Like the one you see on the left). So I can always shoot your designs myself if you’d like.

To get a better idea about what I shoot, when I shoot latex, check out my album: Latex & Leather Fashion