My Name?
‘Dragica Janeka’
I chose it for who I am personally and as a Model
‘Classy and Feminine with a touch of Toughness’
My modelling can be described as such
Is key to me

What Drives Me?
I’ve started modelling in 2014, when a friend wanted to test out her camera with me.
This evolved into me getting into the modelling-scene and loving
the new made connections, the new people, the new inspiration
but above all: My own capabilities of letting my creativity flow and
use different skills I learned throughout the years of modelling, working and studying
and combining them in a Medium I feel confident in.
I can call myself a semi-professional model by now and still aim to grow every day.

I do call myself: ‘A Pessimist turned Optimist’.
Every bad thing that happens, teaches you’
‘Every good thing that happens, comes when it’s allowed to be

‘But opportunity can change all that, by taking Action’
With this in mind, I pursue my Modelling Career.

My Work
I’m inspired by the Alternative Fashion Scene in which nearly everything is possible.
From High End Fantasy to Fetish Fashion and ‘Over the Top’ Styling
But I aim to work All Around, as the diversity in my Portfolio show

My Rates
My rates do not differ per genre or theme. I charge the same for every kind of booking:
-€75 for two hours
-€135 for four hours
-€200 for six hours
*Excluding my travelling costs