Sherley Freke

Covid-19 hit, what now?
I am accepting bookings again, but with having all covid-19 precautions in mind. This means we’ll have to be at 1,5m distance of each other at any time (shouldn’t be a problem in general). I also won’t travel farther away than an hour from Hoofddorp. If this is all okay, then you’re very welcome to book a shoot with me.

What can I book you for?
For example: you can book me for your catwalkshow (Fashion, couture and/or latex aimed), to model for your photography workshop, to model for your shoot concept you want to work out or for your designs and accessories to showcase on your website. You’re always welcome to mail me for other modelling purposes you’d like to book me for through Booking.

Why should I book you specifically?

I’ve been modelling freelance for over 6 years in which I have worked with both amateurs and professional photographers. I modelled in nearly every genre of photography as well (but not all are represented in my portfolio, as I’ve decided my strenghts lie in different genres). As you can see in my portfolio, I can pose in various ways and can easily model out what you need for the shot you’re looking for. I communicate easily and clear as this is also what I expect from the other party. I prepare well before a shoot so I always have everything with me, that we need (or might need). If there are any changes to the plan (or if I’m unfortunately delayed) I will let you know immediately so there are no suprises during or before the shoot itself.
I also have experience behind the camera, which means I can help any starting photographer during the shoot both in front and behind the camera.
My skills also consist of: Doing my own make-up, preparing shoot outfits, knowing my poses and being able to experiment as well, ‘freeze’ poses (specifically for beginners or workshops), being socially strong and invested, following instructions and being a strong communicator.
If you have any questions still, you’re welcome to message me through booking.

How and where do I book you?
Through Booking you can mail me for inquiries, bookings and questions
Tell me a little about yourself, what you would like to book me for and/or the concept of the shoot, with the location added.
I always appreciate it when you send me a link to your online portfolio as well. And, off course, I’m always happy to help out with your concept. I usually have plenty of ideas myself.
For now, I only take on bookings within the Netherlands also due to covid-19.

Do you require a Deposit?
No, I don’t require a deposit (for now) but this might change over time. For now, I accept bookings in confidence that the agreements will be met.
*Note: If I get the idea you might not be serious about the booking or won’t keep to our agreement, I will decline to set a date and stop further communications.

Do you work only paid or also TFP?
I mainly take on paid bookings, but yes I do occasionally collaborate with talented individuals, whose work is of the same standard (or higher) than mine. So please don’t be offended if I say no to a collaboration request.

Latex?! What is it and how do I work with it?
Latex is a thin rubber like material which is worn skintight and is meant to enhance all your natural curves. This also means no underwear can be worn (most of the time) as you can see every seam come through the latex.
Since latex is supposed to be skintight, it can be a real challenge to dress and get undressed. When shooting latex clothing, be aware that the model can’t change outfits quickly. If treated too roughly, the material will rip. Latex clothes are almost always made to measure and is extremely expensive due to this.
Also, be aware that latex is supposed to be polished. There are special lubes and sprays for this, but everything that touches it, will get slippery and ‘lubed’.
You can clean materials by using detergent and luke warm water.
Further more, latex is rubber, it does not breath. This means the model (depends on how much layers or thickness of latex she’s wearing) will sweat on set. Be sure your model stays hydrated.
When you keep this in mind, shooting latex is a piece of cake and will result in great images overal!

What is your vision on latex? Are you a fetishmodel or…..?
No, I’m not a fetish model. I model latex fashion. A more clear explaination and my view on latex can be found over here: My latex mission.
There’s also info for latex photographers and designers about possible collaborations.

Are you on any social media?
Yes, I am! You can find me on Facebook, Purpleport and on Instagram: @dragicajanka is my main account and @dragica.obscurity is my latex related account. I also aired my youtube channel for latex unboxing videos, reviews and more ins and outs of latex in general: Youtube.

I haven’t found what I’m looking for on your website, what now?
You’re welcome to message me any questions you might have about my modelling, my rates, bookings and shoot levels via Booking.