I’m Dragica Janeka, a 25-year old freelance model, located in Hoofddorp (Near Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
Since I can remember I’ve always been intrigued by different kind of art forms. Especially photography spoke to me. I started modelling around 2014 when I learned we are able to not only create with our hands, but also communicate a story or a feeling with our whole body and expression.
I get energized from creating such concepts and continue doing so up to today.
At the start of 2020 I decided to also embark myself into photography and my love for it, both in front and behind the camera, grew even bigger.

I’d love to make modelling my full-time job, as it’s already a big part of my life and connects me with other mesmerizing creatives I get inspired by daily and which I hope to inspire.

So far I have:
Hand-modelled for a laptop lap-table
-Walked the catwalk on Wasteland (Beastly edition, 2019) for Jivomir Domoustchiev and later on for Odd Territory Latex on InknArt Rotterdam (March 2020.)
-Been booked several times for portrait workshops
-Modelled leather and pvc garments for a local webshop

My Look
My hair is long, coloured blonde with a black underlayer.
I have a rather strong jawline and a prominent nose.
My eyes are green but with a blue/greyish tone.
I have two nose piercings (right sided), 3 lower ear piercings in both ears and two helices in my left ear. They can all be taken out.

Bust: 91cm-70E/70F
Waist: 70cm
Hips: 101cm
Shoe Size: 40
Length: 1.72m
Dress Size: S
Corset Size: 22 Inch

I always do my own make-up, but love to work with a make up artist.
I can style my hair in a: braid, ponytail, wet-look, brushed up look and a bun. For more outgoing looks, a hairstylist would be preferred.
I style my shoot outfits myself and have never worked with a stylist before, but I would be happy to work with one in the near future.

I can easily pose on my own but I also take directions well.
*Workshop specific: I can easily ‘freeze’ poses and facial expressions if necessary for students.

*I’m not attached to a modelling agency, which means communications go directly through me